Fukushima Depopulation of the World

Fukushima Daiichis' radiation Inlet and outlet and the radiation concentration pool for creating super duer radioactive water with various spent fuel pool elements in there as well just for good measure....;o)

You hear that? That is the sound of inevitability.
You see that? That is a shit load of depopulation juice.

I start this with a simple observation….when I’m near the coast the I seem to tan more quickly than when I’m inland? Any suggestions? I seem to recall it happens because of the salty sea air. The humidity from the many square miles of sea or ocean surface evaporating in the sun and not to forget the effect of the wind and wave action dispersing millions of gallons of water vapour et al into the atmosphere has the effect of increased tanning and the fresh sea air clears the lungs LMAO ;o).

O.k so what the fuck is happening in the sea around Fukushima?

While we’re all distracted by the shills waffling( waffling see ‘huge pieces of shite falling out of the front of their head’) on about the spent fuel pools catching fire….which well they might…how are they cooling them and what with? Oh sea water? And what are they doing with the sea water which has been in direct contact with what must be now the most toxic and radioactive substances ever created…I say this with respect to the amount of time these fuel bundles have been allowed to heat up and react ‘here and there’ thus producing more Plutonium Neptunium Californium et al? And they are always open to the atmosphere.


Oh and I nearly forgot silly me…the 3 THREE….sorry…I have amnesia…it was 3 THREE melt downs from March 11th 2011 but amazingly in October 2011 I remembered that actually it was 5 melt downs as DAIICHI 5 & 6 were loaded with fuel and not sitting empty…sorry my mistake I must have had too many chemtrails and vaccines and mind control as a child…please forgive me ;O)

So we have 5 FIVE full meltdowns if their was anything left to melt after DAIICH 1 & 3 EXPLODED. Five meltdowns which occurred in the first week of the depopulation incident their cores liquefying and melting through the containment and structure like a searing hot knife through butter and they have been spraying millions upon millions, tons and tons of sea water into these reactor buildings and allowing the majority of this to flow into the sea….what a good idea I hear you say ;o)

So for the past 18 months sea water ( which is very, very bad for machinery and metal objects in general) laced with, neh saturated with reactor core remnants and NEUTRONS has been literally gushing into the sea off Japan? WTF?

Ok if you add to this the fact that really shortly after the depopulation plan was put into effect the sewage in Tokyo was discovered to be too radioactive to process in the sewage works so to begin with I believe it was 10 of the plants started to dry out and store the ENOURMOUS amount of mostly radioactive human waste which by October 2011 had covered the area of 50 FIFTY football pitches 20 TWENTY meters high. Ok lets figure that out…a full size football pitch can be 100 meters by 75…thats about as big as they get so let’s be conservative and say 75 meters long by 50 meters wide. 75×50 metres so
1 football pitch = 3750 m2
50      ”        = 187500 m2 which is roughly 0.2 square kilometers
ok so now we multiply by 20 meters deep or high….deep sounds more apt
187500 x 20 = 3750000 m3 or cubic meters
((50 x 75) x 50) x 20 = 3750000 m3 meters cubed of radioactive stools just sitting there leaking into the earth…etc.

I randomly put this figure in google to see if there was a building or something to give a comparison to illustrate just how much radioactive shit this really is….and here’s the link to GlenCanyonDamFacts.pdf

I was quite amazed myself but Glen Canyon Dam is the second highest concrete arch dam in the U.S.    F**k me!!! That’s a lot a lot of radioactive shit!!!

I couldn’t find the original article with the figures in but I remembered the figures as I did this on my calculator at the time though here’s a link to a report which shows some alternative though still incredibly high figures for this


‘As of Oct. 28, a total of 64,000 tons of sludge and ash were being stored in 14 prefectures without being processed into cement or buried at waste disposal sites, up 20,000 tons from two months earlier, according to the land ministry.’


‘Fukushima Prefecture topped the list with 17,000 tons, followed by Miyagi and Kanagawa prefectures, both with 12,000 tons.’


Part of the radioactive caesium, which can cause internal radiation exposure for an extended period, found its way into sewage systems and, through the purification process, was concentrated in sludge as well as the ash that is produced by burning sludge.

In northern Japan, stored-up radioactive ash and dehydrated sludge from the sewage treatment process alone totalled 52,000 tonnes in mid-September, up 63 per cent from levels at the end of July, data from the Transport Ministry showed.

The volume is still growing by about 360 tonnes a day. (!!!)

Glen Canyon Dam Pdf


So I guess that there are people in Japan who know that this was an attack and not an accident and that some of them would be happy to share their ‘present’ from the banking scum with the whole world by the continuous leak of radioactive water the incineration into the atmosphere of the radioactive shit and the dumping of the ashes in Tokyo Bay.
Given that short of Yeshua returning and he surely will most of Japan is finished and the few in the know who are part of the AGENDA 21 depopulation game are dreaming of their reward of eternal life/hell and having sex with mutant prostitutes of which the new breed of Fukushima mermaid may well be first in the mix.

Now I return to my opening observation…surely this is a huge radioactive evaporation tank? Directly in front of Fukushima Daiichi is a sea wall to keep as much control on the normal flow of radioactive effluent into the ocean which under normal circumstances my have some effect but by now it must just be a huge tank of instant death…what do you think??? A huge tank of super radioactive water just evaporating into the atmosphere and being sucked up by the occasional Tyhoon. Also the water in Tokyo Bay which has been reported to be more radioactive than near Fukushima though this makes sense as it is a Bay and somewhat contained and having radioactive waste dumped straight in it.

So if it’s raining radiation where you are then don’t be surprised or worried it’s the logical outcome if radiation is pouring into the atmosphere from every bankers orifice….sounds discusting and well it really is….blurgh.

This is the reason for me getting this written…I’m so fucking tired of listening to the paid shills who show themselves BY WHAT THEY DONT TALK ABOUT!!! Fucking hydrogen explosions and spent fuel pools and National Regulatory Commission and being a fucking Dr. who murder misdiagnosed cancer patients with their chemotherapy and radiotherapy which have both been shown to encourage the growth of cancer…google it…don’t believe me….google it!!!

Talking about how the spent fuel pools will be the end of humanity and well yes that as well though the whole things seems like total overkill anyway but never ever mentioning the millions of gallons, the cubic meter after cubic meter of radioactive water and dissolved…dissolved meaning molecule size or atomic size particles pouring into the atmosphere and being transported around the planet…what a fix we’re in?

I woke up 20 years ago and realised straight away that the human race is finished for the most part…it was an insight as I looked all these mind controlled Zombies who have had their soul and personality erased just sitting in there stupid fucking cars for hours and hours….without a fucking clue not a fucking clue or any idea to do anything other than drink shit, talk shit, eat shit and make shit.

So for me this is the end of a long wait…in which I did not wait I LIVED…though it was hard eking and existence in this elitist hell toilet of vanity, drug abuse, stupidity and denial.


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